Poetry: Print Publications

Print: 2006-present

Agua: Complications of Love, Abacus

Brainbox Press: Holy Spectacles! Issue: Thin Freedoms

Cause & Effect: Dashboard

Durable Goods: Issues 1-7, 9-28, 32-33, 35-41, 45, 48, 51-52, 61, 63, Goodbye Issue, Tribute to Scott Wannberg

From the Ground Up: Heels

Grey Book Press: Camus and the walk

Heroin Love Songs: An Open Window, The Slow Dance

Kendra Steiner Editions: Last Poems Project Issue: Tests

Labyrinth Anthologies: (critical) mass

Leaf Garden Press: Sober, Faltered Exchange Through the Doorway, No Longer Will I Be Hungry, Loose Netting

Le Pink Elephant Press: Bookmark Series: Mole

Mad Rush Magazine: She Still Smells Mango

Mollyhouse: To Cinders and Ash

MUST: Jesus has dancing girls, Bent at 90 Degrees, Reading Tea Leaves at Midnight

Mystery Island Press: 13 Knights of the Apocalypse: Toxic Honey

Nexxuss: The Hum of Two Souls, Timorous

Nibble: balancing a cup on the edge of a garbage can, After the party-standing in the rain, Josef Albers/Study For Homage to the Square (1972), 100 Years Will Get You Nothing, Easy Medicine

Open Skies Quarterly: I’m No Green Thumb, An Anarchist’s Tombstone, Jal Tarang, Elm St. Park-Independence Day, Quiet Violence

Paper and Ink Zine: The Cold War

Poems for All: Trace, Quiet Underpinnings

Poet Plant Press: Saints in Waiting, Art Can’t Save Me Now, These Days Continue

Propaganda Press: The Comic Series-Armor of Cotton, Poiesis #6-Hairy Kari

Pub Poetry (UK): Dies Illa

Red Fez Print: Red Reader #1-Generation of Guns and Punctured Tones (with Brad Burjan)

Red Penguin Books: Lofty Notes of Pine

Roadside Raven Review: Argentina, The Skylight, PTSD

Rural Messengers Press: Keep Moving, Last Attempt, Rosewater, Not Worth the Effort, West of Hell

Shoots and Vines: I Can’t Be Your Virgin and Your Mother-Sparking the Fire

The Other Herald: Hunched Over the Desk

Whirligigzine: The Weight of My Soul

Wordsdance: Apples and Cinquains, Curled, Issue 12 The Ladies Issue

Zygote in my Coffee: Collections, Electra, If Only We Were in California, Subhuman, Things She Will Never Know

International Print Publications

Alligator Stew (UK): My Town, All the Glasses are Dirty

Argotist Otherstream Anthology (Iceland): Vol. 1-The Queen’s Reich, Vol. 2-Stevedore’s Knot

Erbacce (UK): Lying in the Grass, Olly-Olly Oxen Free, Limestone, Folded, Zero, Bathymetric, Dies Illa, My mother always warned me, Orphans, If other under circumstances, Between Wales and NY-a conversation

Gloom Cupboard (UK): Take, I am not one

Graffitti Kolkata (India): Suprabhaat, Gypsy Night-Crested Moon, Suffocated

Ha!art (Poland): Clearly Not From Here (translated to Polish), 100 Years Will Get You Nothing (translated to Polish)

Ottawa Arts Review (Canada): Eulogy to the Hobo, Your days are numbered

Prathomoto (India): Toy(ing) with the Revolution, Raw, Lost Season

The Toronto Quarterly (Canada): Quarter past eleven on the Jubilee