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Published: Spillwords, September 2021

I am pleased to announce that I have another poem available to read at Spillwords! You can enjoy my poem “I’ve Forgotten What Day It Is” on the website now. Have a look around. There are wonderful pieces of work there.

Published: Cajun Mutt Press and Piker Press

I am very pleased to announce that my poem “I Refuse to Look at the Moon” is available for viewing at Cajun Mutt Press. Thanks James. I am equally pleased to have a poem published at Piker Press. You can view my piece, “We Never Leave, Only Return,” on their website now. Thanks Sand!

New Publications

My poem “A Poem for the Lost Poems” appears online at Anti-Heroin Chic.

My poem “Lofty Notes of Pine” appears in the print anthology “the flower shop on the corner” from Red Penguin Collective.

My poem “Our Labored Breaths” appears in the inaugural issue of South Shore Review.

My poem “A Conversation in the Bathroom with My Transgender Son” appears in the Identity Issue of Fragmented Lines.

My poems “The Slow Dance” and “An Open Window” appear in Vol. 10 of Heroin Love Songs.

Current Projects


Currently working on several chapbook length manuscripts to send for possible publication.


I’m on the fourth draft of my first novel, “Resistance” and will soon get back to writing my second novel, “The Hunter & The Hidden.”


Art projects are plentiful at this time in multiple mediums. I am currently working on various fabric creations as well as portraits of Frida Kahlo and Shannon Hoon in cross stitch.

About Me

Aleathia Drehmer has been writing since the age of ten when she found a shoe box full of her father’s poetry. Since 2006, she has published extensively online and in print. Aleathia has been editor and co-editor of several publications including Durable Goods, In Between Altered States, Zygote in My Coffee, Full of Crow, and Regardless of Authority.

Aleathia started writing after discovering her father was a poet and that a person could transform the world they see into words. As a young girl, poetry taught her how to connect with other people.

Much of Aleathia’s writing journey has been personal and would have stayed that way until a friend encouraged her to send her work out in the world in 2006. She learned a lot in those early days about writing and the business/politics of small press publishing. Presently, she is writing a novel.

When she is not working or writing, Aleathia finds joy in hiking, disc golf, sewing, and various modes of art. She is currently active in two writing groups.

Published Books

555 Vol. 1: None So Worthy. Carrion Blue Press

Thickets of May Apple. Kendra Steiner Editions

Circles. Kendra Steiner Editions

You Find Me Every Where. Propaganda Press

A Quiet Learning Curve. Rank Stranger Press

Reasons for Never Sitting Still. Create space


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