Poetry: Online Publications

Poetry Online: 2006-Present

Amarillo Bay: Joyride

Ambrosial Literary Garland: Nameless Captors

Anti-Heroin Chic: A Poem for the Lost Poems, Teach Me to Protect Myself

Apoetelephone: Chew

Art in 8 Seconds (translated to Portuguese): Rivalry

The Beatnik: Atmospheric Pressure, Bravado, Hungry Ghosts, The River

Big Windows Review: Kai, Frank Stella/Moultonboro II (1974)

Bluestem Magazine: I Have To Put Something To You

Brave New Poem of the Day: Short Window of Time

Burning Shore Press: One Year

Cajun Mutt Press: I Refuse to Look at the Moon, My Left Sock

Calloused Hands: The Bard’s Shirt

The Cartier Street Review: Rivalry, Saiyin

The Cerebral Catalyst: Into the Crypt, Pencils and Paper, Phone Calls, The Remains of Men, Staring down a white-tailed doe, One Flu Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (second place winner in Bird Flu Poetry Contest)

Cherry Bleeds: Brevity, Evidence

Clutching at Straws: Three for Tea

Counterexample Poetics: Surfeited, A letter to a real friend, By the Tail, Lost Identity, Thinking of Sea Trees at Sunset, It is only one pebble tossed, Interstate, Quartet for the Man Behind the Wall, Dishes in the Sink/Crumbs on the Counter, A Curse, War III, Tryptophan Tango

Covert Poetics: War I, War II

Creekwalker: White Lies, The Funeral March, Messier 35, He is sending me to the sea, Why it is good to have a placed called home

Curbside Splendor: Little boys in the yard (enter through adverbs) with Lara Konesky

Debris Magazine: Meant to Be Broken

DecomP: They always get what they want

Decompression: False Dreams of a Nightingale, Descendants of Centum Languages

Eunoia Review: When the Party’s Over

Eviscerator Heaven: Yuthemism

Facebook Review: Subversions

Fixator Press: The Language of Flowers

Flutter: Ishmael, Endless Persuasions, Aperture, A Bee in a Belfry

Fragmented Lines: A Conversation in the Bathroom with My Transgender Son

Full of Crow: An Anchor Around Your Free Thoughts, Primes, The Plague of Frogs, Two sides of the coin

Gloom Cupboard: Blue

Gutter Eloquence Magazine: Jesus doesn’t have a wood shop, The Sadist, Beyond Recognition, Too Young To Know the Truth, Against the Wall, Oskar Kokoschka, Divine Mess, No Freedom to Find, Straight Lines Intersect at Random Points, You didn’t trust me with your life, Walter Richard Sickert

Haggard and Halloo: Bloodletting, Shipwrecked, By Way of Arkansas, Toothless

Hecale: Ipod, Collision, Monsoons

Heroin Love Songs: Linchpin, Gutted, Cracked Roads and Empty Skies, I’ll Lose It All in the End, The Wisdom of Johnny Cash, W to the Third Power, The Slow Dance, An Open Window

Hobo Camp Review: The Night Comes Quiet, West Coast Light, The world will not note what we say

Impspired: Two Hands, One Pocket, This Year We Have a Solstice Bush

Indigo Rising: Haymaker

Juice: Assailant, Countenance, Opera Night

Kill Poet Press: North Beach

Laura Hird Showcase: Demons, So Close to the Skin, Bled, Cigar, Strand, Cyclamen

LitteraTour (translated to Portuguese): Vulpes

Literary Mary: Don’t Call Me Plath, How to Save a Life, Faces of Old Men

Lit Up Magazine: Magic to Be Found, Et tu?, Vestige, I once dreamed of Bob Dylan

Lunatic Chameleon: Bound

Lung: This is a Holy Spectacle

M58 Poetry: In My Mother’s Garden, Red-winged Blackbird, Rene Magritte, This is My Waterloo, The Arsonist

Mighty Mercury: The Leap, We Do Our Best Helen Keller in the Spaces Between, Nocturne

Motherkisser: Jumping the Median

Munyori Poetry Journal: Beating Her Chest, Invisible Hatreds, Fragile, A Rebirth of Sun, Harbingers

Not From Here, Are You?: Reasons for Never Sitting Still

Odd Magazine: Madness in the Second Dimension

Open Skies Quarterly: I’m No Green Thumb, An Anarchist’s Tombstone, Jal Tarang, Elm St. Park on Independence Day, Quiet Violence

Opium Poetry: Marcy, Flowers for everyone

Organic Glass: Napoleon (first place in contest)

Outsider Writer: Blemish, Leached, I am floating

Piker Press: Gerhard Richter, We Never Leave–Only Return, Restless, Silent Movies, Witch’s Teeth

Poetica Review: Jackson Pollock/The Deep (1953)

Poor Mojo’s Almanac: Vera, Millstone

Quantum Poetry: Ottawa Streets

Rasputin: A Poetry Thread: Dismembered Sleep Study (1, 2, 3)

Red Fez: Chasing Tales, Clearly Not From Here, How Many Saints

Right Hand Pointing: Ingrid

Riverbabble: Cy Twombly/Animula Vagula (1979)

Rusty Truck Zine: Instead of Fireworks, Standing amongst the recycling, His Eyes Raised to Heaven, The Trouble with Demons, Maddog 20/20

Scythe Literary Journal: Two dimensional ships set sail

Shoots and Vines: Casaubon and Amparo

Silenced Press: Hollow, Pink Basin, Throwing a Life Preserver

South Shore Review: Our Labored Breaths

Spillwords: Reverb and Retribution, I’ve Forgotten What Day It Is, Richard Parkes Bonington (The Undercliff)

Sugar Mule: Dan Tian, Pariaman, White Noise, Pan/dora, The place we connect to the earth

Ten Pages Press: Things You Can’t Explain, Our Lives in 45 Degree Angles, Madness in the Second Dimension

The Big Other: Waiting by the Window

The Coil Magazine: Estimated Losses (6th place Luminaire for Best Poetry 2013)

The Poetry Warrior: Balance, The Silenced Fan

Three Liners: There is a loveliness

Thunder Sandwich: Five Blue Umbrellas Sheltering the Sky, Murder on State Route 352

Trailer Park Quarterly: Black Oak

Wings of Icarus: Burning, What Lies Beneath, Indentations

Words Dance: Curled

Word Riot: Pure Reason

Writer’s Bloc: The Folk House

Zygote in my Coffee: Abbreviated Sleep, Insomnia, Positions, Suckle, Swollen, The Park, Unintended, Acquired Celibacy, Fratricide Study 1, Cubist Face, Portrait of a Summer Night, We all hunger for a legacy, Leaning Away from Lips, All the Secrets Never Told, The Canary

13 Miles from Cleveland: Stewart Street

1870: 1 am Under the Big Dipper, The Violence Inside, A Saint with No Name, When I Was New