Photography/Art: Online and Print Publications

Photography/Art Online: 2006-Present

Counterexample Poetics: Photographs: Blowholes, Double Vision, Ghost of a Friendship, Joined 3, Lighted Trees, Lilies, Lines, Pom Pom Girls 2, Road Rash, Seaweed and Bubbles, Shadows, The Runner, Three and Three, Waves and Movement

Dogzplot: Original Artwork: She wears her ugly on the outside

Literary Mary: “Don’t Call Me Plath”: Photographs. Original Artwork: Braille Hope, Gemini

Lit Up Magazine: Photograph: Upstate NY Autumn

MiCrow: Transportation Issue: Photographs: Drive fast-ask questions later, Your ride is here, Never look behind you ,Au natural, Leaning wheels, Dayton plane, Horse and buggy, Harlem train-Chicago, and Old Ford. Home Issue: Rusty 361, Lost lovers, Kiss the Scream

Mighty Mercury: Original Artwork: We Have an Unmedicated Chemistry, No More, At Sea

Off Beat Pulp: Postcard Series: Original Artwork: Broken Hands

Shoots and Vines: Photograph: A man-a woman-and everything else

The Meaning of Things: Photograph: The Past is Always Broken

Photography/Art Print: 2006-Present

Cajun Mutt Press: Digital Cover Art: Layers of Half-Sung Hymns

Covert Press: Cover Photograph for “Industrial Strip” by Karl Koweski

Durable Goods: Cover Photographs Issues 1-64, 66-78, Goodbye

Durable Goods: The Missouri Collective: Cover Photographs Issues 1-8

Graffiti Kolkata: Photographs: Silver Spiral, Chrome Lips

Gutter Snob Books: Cover photograph: “Running Red Lights” by Aleathia Drehmer, Cover photograph: “easy and clear” by Jeremy Hight, Original Collage/Cover: “Dear So and So” by Rusty Barnes

Impspired: Cover photograph: “Looking for Wild Things” by Aleathia Drehmer, Cover photograph Impspired Volume 7

Kendra Steiner Editions: Cover Photographs for “Thickets of Mayapple” and “Circles” by Aleathia Drehmer, 8 interior photographs for Circles

Maxwell, Gary: Back cover photograph for “Blue Sushi”

Poesy Magazine: Issue 36 four photographs, Issue 37 four photographs

Propaganda Press: Cover Photograph 39th and Bell for chapbook “To Sunshine and Pretty People,” Cover Photograph Dangling Participles over the Addict’s Table for chapbook “Stereopsis,” Cover Photograph Unknown Journey for chapbook “Breach Birth,” Cover Photograph Fireman for chapbook “For A Few Days More,” Cover Photograph Heartburn for the chapbook “Heartburn”

Rank Stranger Press: Cover Photograph What is left of sleep for chapbook “A Quiet Learning Curve” by Aleathia Drehmer and Dan Provost

Red Fez: Red Reader #1: Collage Art: Think Tank, Where the Dead Don’t Sleep

Rural Messengers Press: Photographs: Airstream 1 and 2

San Pedro River Review: Photograph: Nothing is Wasted

Side of Grits: Photographs: Normal Ave, Bunnyman, Curves and Patterns, The Sweet Shop

Words Dance: Photographs: The Quiet Place, The Wood Speaks