Non-Fiction Publications

Non-Fiction Print: 2006-present

Beat Motel (UK): One Nation Under God

Graffitti Kolkata (India): Issue Stark Electric Space: Small Literature, Big Dreams

Non-fiction Online: 2006-Present

Debris Magazine: Travel Essay on Lowell, MA

Full of Crow: Tashi Delek, We Know Nothing, Going to Prison, What Keeps Us in the Darkness, Finding Peace in the Ashes of an Angry Phoenix, My Life as a Woman

Kind Over Matter: Seeds of Change

Lit Up Magazine: Book Reviews for The Mambo Kings Sings Songs of Love, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, The Story of Lucy Gault, Gilead, Kendra Steiner Three

Not From Here, Are You?: Dialogue in the Dark (contest Honorable Mention)

Red Fez: Issue 56, The Road to Nursing

Southern Tier Life Magazine: A Life of Poetry, Evolution of the Poem Through Prompt Writing,